Collaboration & Consultation

“At LifeLong Assistive Technology, I strive to provide the most comprehensive collaboration necessary to meet your assistive technology needs.”


assessments student assistive technologySchool Collaboration & Consultation

After the special education team has determined a student is eligible for special education services, it is time to consider whether the student is in need of assistive technology.  Assistive technology can provide support for participation in the general curriculum and aid in achieving individual goals.  At LifeLong Assistive Technology, I believe in creating Universally Designed Learning (ULD) opportunities where all children reap the benefits.  It is my goal to discuss and explore options for the assistive technology itself, as well as, the services and training needed to implement such technology.  I will assist teams in finding software and products with FREE trials before purchases are made.  When collaborating with a student’s team I utilize the SETT Framework (Student, Environments, Tasks, and Tools) to gather data and guide the team decisions for the most effective assistive technology.  Download our Assistive Technology Custom Designed for Student Success brochure.

Adult Collaboration & Consultation

Assessments adult assistive technology My goal at LifeLong Assistive Technology is to help facilitate which technologies and strategies best fit an individual’s needs for improving daily functioning.  I meet with individuals, and their chosen family members, to best ascertain their assistive technology needs.  With each client, I explore the types of equipment available, as well as, each person’s experience and comfort level with different options.  In many instances, FREE trials can be obtained before any purchases need to be made.  After determining the assistive technology deemed appropriate, I provide the continued training to assure optimal functioning.  Download our Assistive Technology Custom Designed for Everyday Living brochure.

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