During our family visit to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing this summer, I learned about the FREE EyeNote App. It has the ability to identify the denomination of bills for those who are blind or visually impaired.  It was updated on December 12, 2013 and it now works without even having to take a photo of the bill.  I just tested the update and it works really well.  It utilizes continuous scan so you don’t need to hold the device still in order to get an accurate reading of the bill.  It works with VoiceOver.  I love the potential of this app.  People who are blind or visually impaired will be able to have some form of security when receiving money back from a cashier because they can scan the bills as they receive them.  They also won’t need to fold their bills all perfectly any longer.  I will definitely be recommending this app as it gets a “thumbs up” in my book.