Luggage Handle

luggage1Recently I was able to assist a client experiencing pain in her hand due to arthritis.  She and her husband enjoy traveling but she experiences so much pain in her left hand after carrying her suitcase through the airport that by the time they reach their destination she is barely able to move the hand for a day or so.  In order to create this low tech assistive technology, I began by cutting a piece of pipe insulation to fit the handle.  Since we wanted the button on the handle to still work, I added two small pieces of the insulation to either side of the existing piece.  There was already adhesive on the insulation so I was able to easily stick them together.  I then took two pieces of Velcro® One Wrap to hold the handle in place.  Since one side of the Velcro® is smooth, that was placed on the outside and the client could comfortably hold the handle and maneuver her suitcase.  After her trip, my client connected with me to let me know the handle was a success and she will be using it again in the future.  The ease in removing the attachment as necessary and the fact that the attachment can stay in place while the handle is retracted, add to the versatility of this low tech solution.


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