Word Wizard by L’Escapadou


I have a new favorite app for spelling – Word Wizard by L’Escapadou.  The app can be used as a quiz of a predetermined set of words or it can be used as a spell checker to determine if the word is spelled correctly.  There are 189 built in word lists and it is easy to create word lists you want to add.  The app includes an alphabetic and a qwerty keyboard, as well as, letters in upper or lowercase.  For children requiring assistive technology to support motor needs, the letters can be customized to drag or to appear in the word when tapped.  For early learners, the keyboard can be set to only have the letters in the word appear making it less visually stimulating and less confusing.  The possibilities with the app appear to be endless.  I love the different customization options and feel it is well worth the $2.99 cost.  Be sure to check out L’Escapadou’s other apps seeing as they are fabulous too.

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